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Why should I sign up for freecloud.eu?

  • I won't have to worry, because my data is safe according to DSGVO. (Data protection)
  • I can access my data and programs from anywhere. (Independence)
  • My data is stored in an interdependent data center in Germany. (Data security)
  • Many clever people are working on this project. (Open source)
  • Kontent GmbH has been operating on the internet since 1994. (Reliability / experience)
  • I know exactly what I get. (Fairness)

What exactly do I get at freecloud.eu?

  • 5 GB of free storage for my data. (Cloud storage)
  • An online file system that I can access on any device (Synchronization)
  • A System made to easily share files. (Public)
  • I can back up my data in the cloud storage. (Data backup)
  • I'm always able to update my contacts and always have access to them (Contact management)
  • I can chat and join video conferences or conference calls, no matter if it's with one person or multiple people. (Communication)
  • I always have previous versions of my documents and spreadsheets to fall back on. (File version control)
  • I am able to work together with others on documents or spreadsheets. (Collaborative work)
  • I can play back my video and audio files directly in the cloud. (Multimedia)
  • Using an online office suite I can easily edit the various office files. (Online office)

What are the official Nextcloud client-apps and programs?

  • Sync Client for Windows (7, 8.x, 10)
  • Sync Client for Linux (x84, 64bit)
  • Sync Client for iOS
  • Sync Client for Windows Mobile
  • Sync Client for Android
  • Talk Client for iOS
  • Talk Client for Android

But you won't need a client at all! All freecloud services can be used in modern web browsers (Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc.)



How can I sync my calendar with freecloud.eu?

Link your email-client or calendar with the freecloud calendar service to synchronize your calendars

This feature is only tested for the clients listed here.

(Short tutorial for Thunderbird in the "extras" video-section)

Other clients may work, but we cannot guarantee it.

Click here to get to the download-section.


Calendar clients (CalDAV)

   Desktop clients

   Mobile clients


Nextcloud user manual Nextcloud User Manual


No picture available at the moment. Download-Center

Nextcloud File Client

This client lets you manage your file server and edit files.

Nextcloud Talk Client

This client lets you chat or do conference calls.

Calendar clients (CalDAV)

Desktop Clients:

Evolution (Linux)


Mozilla Thunderbird (Linux/Windows/MacOS)

Mobile Clients:

Opensync (Android)


Davx⁵ (Android)




Videos Videos

General Nextcloud Info

Nextcloud Conference 2018, Keynote from Frank Karlitschek

Use of Documents inside Talk

Filesharing with Notes

New Features of the Nextcloud Client 2.5                                                                           


Android Client Info

Nextcloud Files Android Client

Nextcloud Talk Android Client


How to sync Thunderbird Calender with Nextcloud